Friday, January 30, 2009

Walgreens and CVS this week

So I went to Walgreens Sunday right after their sale started b/c I wanted some of the Reynolds wrap for free with the overage, and then a lil birdie had told me about the Sunsilk clearance with RR.

Soo.... here is what I did, I went in of course they were out of the Reynolds wrap so I got my raincheck and no Sunsilk at this wags so moved on to the next one 3 miles down the road ( My husband swears he cant figure out how they stay in business with one on every corner... lol oh well not my worry just as long as they have what I want and its free who cares how many wags there is??? Right?? )

Second wags SCORE!! I found the sunsilk, paid 2.98 OOP and got 10RR and on top of that they had Reynolds wrap in stock, so I got that too! YAY , so I still have my raincheck for later.
Then I had got back to my van and forgot about the Colgate being on sale with the RR, so went back in there to get that! So now I have a total of $16RR! YAY For me... lol

So, then I went to CVS, I wanted to do the Fusion deal , but what stupid person would put only 1 type of razor with ECB in their ad and on top of that its apparantely a NEW item and NONE of my CVS's have it yet! What is up with that! So , I got my Gillette Shampoo and left ! lol

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