Friday, January 30, 2009


Kroger has been having their Mega Sale going on for 2 weeks now, I have done the Mega Deal about 7 times I think it is... lol I lost count... but overall I have said literally hundreds of dollars getting stuff for free and on top of that , I went down the cleaning aisle to get the Glade and lo and behold ALOT of their cleaning items were Clearanced! YIPPEE! so here is what I got, I got double pack of Lysol wipes they were closeout for 2.54 and with the 1.00/1 q made them 1.54 that is CHEAP for those they are expensive, they also had the Clorox wipes clearanced as well but I didnt have any coupons for those... bummer. But, they had Scrubbing Bubbles Flushable wipes clearanced to 1.19 used 1.00q made them .19cents!! and then they had Swiffer Duster refills clearanced to 1.59 used a .50q that doubled , then on some glass cleaner they had a savings booklet with 5 coupons in it for cleaning items like Easy Off, Mop n Glo, Pledge, and some others and some of their easy off was clearanced to 1.54 used the 1.00q off of the glass cleaner boom diggody dog... .54cents! I was really excited! lol and for those of you wondering NO I did not clean them out , there was still several on the shelf, except for the SoftScrub was clearanced to .79cents and then the .50q doubled made it FREE!
So yea, thats it in a nutshell! :D
So overall spendings on the Mega Sale for 2 weeks, $42.16
overall saved for the Mega Sale for 2 weeks, $231.xx , im not complaining! haha

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