Saturday, February 14, 2009


I just wanted to write and wish everyone a very HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! I hope this day brings you lots of Love with the utmost special people in your life.
My Valentines has been wonderful! I got a dozen white pink tipped roses, a beautiful heart cake that says I Love You! and a bouquet of balloons that my boys have taken over!! Also a beautiful Hallmark card that sings "My Girl" and a special Valentines Card from my babies! :D Its been a LOVELY day!

Wishes and Hugs to a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Plum Creek Mercantile Giveaway

Hey everyone Erin (Jane4girls) is having an awesome giveaway, go check out her blog to enter to win :
These look like some really cute awesome bags! and they have some nice gift wrap too!

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Not a Randall's Fan!

I have never been a Randalls fan, but the last 2 weeks they have had some pretty decent sales. They had on sale today Frito corn chips and Cheetos for 1.00 a bag!! Limit 4. Then their halls cough drops are 10 for 10 making them $1.00 used .50/1 q makes em Free! :D

Got my 4 bags of chips and 5 cough drops(had to do seperate transactions).

pd with gc so nothign oop!

Quick Trip to Wags

I also made a quick trip to wags b/c I found a wags in Cypress that when I was there last week the lady told me she had about 50 bottles of the oil of olay body wash in the back , so I asked her to hold me 10 of them so I could get some more coupons, not knowing that p&g was putting one out this past Sunday. So, I ran in there real quick,
Heres what I did:
3 Fusion Razors on sale 8.99-4.00q=5.40that includes tax got $6.00 RR used gift card so nothing oop
10 bottles of oil of olay body wash 2.03includes tax used gift card so nothing oop
Then they had some Christmas hand towels on clearance for 10cents each, picked up 7 of those (cute designs too) and then when I was in there about a week ago they had a Fisher Price Little Mommy babydoll and stroller set reg. 29.99 on clearance for 6.49 I picked up one last week for my niece for Christmas this year. So this morning I just happened to go down the toy aisle and they had 2 baby doll sets left and were clearanced down to 4.19 picked up one more and got some candy for my boys used 1 of my $6.00RR so nothing oop!

3 Fusion Razors
10 Oil of Olay body wash
7 Christmas hand towels
1 Fisher Price babydoll stroller set
2 pkgs M&M's

Nothing OOP have 7.xx left on my gift card and 12.00RR left! :D

Kroger Trip Today

I ran to Kroger this morning after doing a few personal errands.... Here is what I got

2 Pillsbury Grands bisquits, (cellfire added a .50/1q) adn then I used a .25q that doubled
6 boxes of Betty Crocker fruit snacks used .50/2 q's
3 pkgs. Cottonelle tp used .50/2 qs and q's off of shortcuts
3 rolls Bounty basic paper towels clearance to 1.03 used .25/1 q tripled
2 boxes of pizza rolls used .35/1q
5 cans of Purina Wholesome meal wet dog food FREE used free q's .

OOP $5.xx - and got back $3.50 Catalina on my next purchase! So minus that would be like only paying $1.xx for all that! :D I was pretty happy!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Disappointed in CVS this week

So, I was looking thru CVS's ad this week and was kinda disappointed, they really dont have anything good this week, unless you wanted madagascar 2 for 4.99 with $20 purchase of the p&g items on the back page.... hufff.... oh well... I need a break anyways, until next week! Ha! :D
If you saw something great at CVS that I might has missed please let me know!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

QuickSeals Giveaway

Erin(Jane4girls) is giving away an awesome giveaway for some quick seal bags, go check out her blog :
Good luck to everyone!

The most AMAZINGEST Trip to CVS that I have EVER HAD!

Ok, so last night I wanted to go to CVS and get some things that they had on sale for #1 my coupons were expiring yesterday the 31st and #2 the sale was ending!
So, my CVS finally got in the Gillette razor I had been wanting and since my CVS is not a 24hr CVS their sale that starts on Sundays actually start on Saturday before at 3:00pm so you can take advantage of both weeks at one time.
Anyhow, I noticed that the razor is in this weeks ad as well as last week with the extra bucks even better for muah!
Heres the damage:
2 Gillette Body Washes
5 Gillette Shampoos
2 Gillette Fusion Gamer Razors
2 bags Lays Potato Chips
2 bags of Stacey Pita Chips
4- 2Liter Pepsi
4 Gatorades
2 Reeses Whipped bars
Total OOP: 3.56 YES that is RIGHT for ALL OF IT!
Ended up getting $23.00 in ECB's in my first transaction and $10.00 in my second used some of it and still have $17.00ECB's left!!!!!!!!!!!

This is what happened I had 2 coupons that if you bought any Gillette razor you got the bodywash for free, so I was going to use those q's since they expired yesterday, well the cashier kept trying to give me the razors free , ok the razors on sale 7.99 the bodywash was 4.99 I told her 3 times NO its the bodywash that is free not the razor she still disagreed with me so I finally said ok. Sooo I got the razors completely FREE and got 1 Shampoo FREE b/c she goofed again! I tried to tell her that was the crazy thing.

I couldnt believe how it turned out, I did the gillette first in one transaction got my ECBs back and then did the Pepsi deal and used some of my ECB's on that and still have 17.00 left over!
I took a picture of it all and will post it as soon as I can figure out how, if anyone knows how to put pics on here please let me know... Thanks! :D