Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Check out my Sis n Law's New Blog!!

My lovely sister n law has started her a blog on all her savings and extravaganzas she loves to go on... lol You should really go check it out , she has alot of neat info on couponing and what you can do to maximize your savings! Here is the link ( and no I dont get anything for sending referrals.. haha) ! except maybe some coupons! lol
Heres the link:

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kroger Trip This Week

I think I have figured out that Kroger is my Favorite store to shop just because you can get so much for lil or nothing!! :D Thanks to my loving and most wonderfulest mom, she found some peelies at her Albertson's for .35cents off of Kraft BBQ sauce. So she sent me 9 of em to use and since Kroger triples them ... you got it Free BBQ sauce! YIPPEE! Then rummaged thru the baby aisle found some more $2.00/1 Comforts diapers or baby wipes and used them on their baby wipes they have on sale for 2/$4 so FREE baby wipes, got 8 of those still have to get 6 more when I go back Monday! :D :D :D Then of course I bought some angel soft coupons off ebay so I could take advantage of free toilet paper, have 9 packages and still have 11 to get! Went to get some Quaker Quakes, man those things are good, got 4 of those. Then it was off to the bananas that are on sale 3lbs for $1.00 My littlest is my lil monkey and absolutely LOVES bananas so I picked up a bunch of bananas.
Here is the lo down..

9 Kraft BBQ sauce= Free!
8 Comforts baby wipe tubs= Free!
9 Angel Soft TP 4pks= Free!
4 Quaker Quakes= Free!
a bunch of bananas =$1.17

Total oop: $1.17 ! Lovin It
Going back to Krogers Monday b/c I am waiting on some coupons I ordered.

For some reason blogger is being retarted and wont let me post pictures right now, gotta figure out what is going on there... Sorry.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy BELATED Easter

Happy Belated Easter everyone, due to pregnancy hormones and sick children I have not been on the computer much lately nor have a been shopping... BOOO HOOO HOOO! :( Anyhow, I have severe Shopping fever and hope to go soon.
Hope everyone had a great Easter, we sure did! :D