Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kroger Mega Sale Event 1/21/08

Yes I went to Kroger 2 days in a row... is that bad?? LOL Not for me it isn't!!


Here is what I did, since I did not have my ad b/c it had not come in the mail yet, I was going by what I was reading off of HCW until I got to the store to get my ad and with 2 lil ones in tow you have to be pretty organized or they will drive you bananas! lol

I did 3 seperate transactions so I could use all my coupons and get the double and triple savings... but now since I have the ad ( I am better when I see pictures! lol ) I am going back tomorrow !!! (their truck comes in)! :D

1st Transaction:
2 Kleenex 1.59 each -1.60q' s for both = 1.58 for both
2 Kens Salad dressings 1.99each-2.00q's for both= 1.98 for both
1 Juicy Juice 2.53-1.00q=1.53
6 Glade aersol freshners = 5.76-3.00=2.76
1 Green Giant Steamer 1.49-1.00q=.49
2 Totino Pizza Rolls 4.98-2.10q= 2.88 for both
Subtotal: 10.22-5.00Mega Event= $5.22 OOP!!

2nd Transaction:
6 Glade aersol freshners=5.76-3.00=2.76
2 Totino Pizza Rolls 4.98-2.10q=2.88 for both
2 Frenchs Mustard 2.98-2.00=.98cents for both
3 Kleenex 1.59each-2.40q= 2.37 for all 3
Subtotal 7.99-5.00Mega Event= 2.99cents OOP!

3rd Transaction:

1 Franks hot sauce 1.49-1.05q=44cents ( I wanted more of this but they only had 1 left.
3 Green Giant Steamers 4.47-3.00q=1.47 for all 3
3 Kleenex 1.59each-2.40q=2.37 for all 3
2 Pace Pacante sauce 3.52 for both- 2.00=1.52 for both
2 Glade aersol freshners 1.92 for both -1.00=.92
Subtotal: 6.72-5.00Mega Event = 1.72 OOP!

Total for the whole day : 8.93
Total saved on this trip: 58.47 wow!

Like I said before I am going back to Kroger tomorrow for some more deals, I noticed when I was getting my glade aersol that ALL their glade products are on sale and part of the Mega Sale! I didnt have all my glade q's with me as I had already planned what i was going for and left my coupon binder in the car. So when I go back I will be stocking up on some glade candles and some glade plugins! Since I sold all my glade plugins I got last year for free in my garage sale for 1.00 each! lol :D

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