Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It PAYS to Listen! :D

I am a pretty big country music fan and listen to it while in the car. Well, one of our local radio stations are doing giveaways.... so I always try to win of course, I have done pretty good in the past around Christmas I won 2 tickets to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra floor seats, and then I have won several movie tickets and gift cards before. Well, this time was great I won 2 tickets to Fiesta Texas and a $200 Kroger gas voucher or gift card whichever it may be, I havent went and picked them up yet going to do that tomorrow! :D I am so excited!!!!!! My hubby and I are going to get to go on a mini vacation which we never been on a vacation before. We are going to try and go sometime in July before I get any more prego, plus the children 2 and under are Free! Just hope my pregnancy problems get better before we go!


YAY! I won my 1st Blogger award from Jennifer over at a Quest for Cents!!!

Not sure exactly how to do this but I am suppose to pick 5 people to pass this on to and they do the same if I understand it right... (forgive me its my 1st award)! lol

1. Cheaporfreethatsforme


3. HeatherMama

4. The Hoover Family

5. Thrifty Mom in Training

Save the Creative Mom logo and spread the news on your award! Thanks again Jennifer for being so sweet! ( btw this is one of my mysterious posts that never posted. lol)


Okay Not sure of this one!

Okay I have posted about 4 or 5 posts and just realized that blogger did not post them or something went wrong..... hmm.. now thats pretty aggravating... so will post some of what you missed! lol