Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kroger Trip Tuesday 1/20/08

I know I am a few days behind posting b/c my baby has been really sick and still is and I have been working at night... Phew I am tired! :)
I went to Kroger on Tuesday to get their free deals or almost free
Here is what I got:

6 Act Popcorn 1.20 for all after q's
6 Powerade Liter bottles 1.20 after q's
6 Maurchan Yakisoba Meals Free after q's
10 Reeses whipped bars free after q's
6 Bounty Regular paper towels 1.68 for all after q's
6 Dial soap 3pk bars free after q's (these q's would not double or triple but the cashier noticed it and called a CS lady over there and she told him what to put in to get the extra off) :D She said they were having trouble with them but ALL coupons qualify if they are within the money frame for tripling and doubling I wasnt going to argue with her! lol )
Used a 3.00 Catalina

Total OOP $1.08
Total savings this trip : $23.30

Now my hubby has enough popcorn to last him the year! lol or at least until the next sale haha!

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