Thursday, January 22, 2009

P&G $120 Coupon Savings Book Interesting Info

So I sat down today and started cutting my extra inserts from P&G last Sunday. When it just hit me about the Spend $50 get $120 coupon savings book! Umm... yea! I use Proctor and Gamble products like crazy around here! So I dug up some old receipts well Decembers and January's and started adding! I am short $9.xx cents! I have to think of something to get before the 31st that is a good deal and I can make my $50. I called P&G to find out if you could use multiple receipts or if it all had to be on one and the lady told me that you can use multiples. Then I asked about Folgers coffee since I havent seen any q's in pg in awhile, she said that when the offer for the book came out that it is part of the rebate, but Folgers has been sold to another company so they will not put q's out for it anymore! I found that interesting! I just bought some Folgers at Walgreens this week since it was on sale and DH was almost out!

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