Friday, May 15, 2009

CVS Trip this week

Jack my 2 year old was in need of some pullups and CVS has them on sale this week for 8.99. He is potty trained but I put him in pullups at night in case of accidents which he has really improved in at night! YAY! Anyhow,
Here is what I did .....
You know the glucose meters I was telling about at Wags that are giving back the $5 in RR, well CVS has the same deal this week with $5 in ECB's.
So, 1st Transaction:
1 Bayer Glucose meter Free with $5 ECB
1 Bayer dissolving cystal aspirin 2.00-1.50IPq=50cents with $2 ECB
Total: 57cents and $7 in ECB's

2nd Transaction:
1 Nivea Sun Kissed Beautiful Legs Lotion 8.99
1 Nivea body wash 6.99 but Free with q if you buy the lotion listed above
Total: $9.74 used 7 ECB's earned above and had 1.00ECB from before that i had not used.
Total oop: $1.74 got $5 ECB from the Nivea

3rd Transaction:
1 Pullups $8.99 used $5.00q = $3.99
6 Mailer envelopes on clearance $2.00
Total: $ 5.99 -$5ECB from Nivea = .99cents

Total oop for all 3 transactions: $3.30 ! :D pretty exciting if you ask me! lol


  1. WTG, I need to use my meter coupons.

  2. It's a wonderful feeling when they are one step closer to that emancipation of diaper land... and the fact that Mom only has one in diapers to change:)