Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Today Deals n Steals! :D

Today I made 3 trips to Kroger, Randalls, and Walmart. The deals were more than awesome, I had so many coupons that were expiring today that I wanted to take advantage of some of the q's that were expiring and would have did more except the weather was not cooperating very well and with 2 lil ones aboard I have to think of them. :D Anyhow, this is what I did.
First stop Kroger:
1 Blistex chapstick on sale 10 for 10 had .35q that tripled... Free
3 Quaker Quakes on sale .99cents had 1.00/1q .....Free
2 Glade Scented Oil Candles on sale 2/$5.00 had BOGOF and $2.00/1q = .50cent for both
1 bag Kraft shredded cheese on sale 3/$5.00 had 1.00/1 cheese winetag = .66cents
Total oop $1.16

2nd Stop Randalls:
Wanted to do a Mega Deal with the aquapod water but they were out unfortuately got a raincheck tho. Going to do prices w/o $5.00 off and then take it off at the end.
1 Duncan Hines cake mix 1.00 used 1.00/1 q .... Free
5 bags Halls cough drops 1.00 used BOGOF q and then 3 1.00/1q's = 1.00 for the one I bought
1 Crab flakes 2.50 used 2.00/1 any seafood winetag =.50cents
1 Capri Sun Sunrise 2.00 used 1.00/1 Capri Sun Sunrise= 1.00
1 Fuze 1.00 used .25q tripled to .75cents =.25
1 Nabisco 100 calorie snack pack 2.00 used .75cent q = 1.25
Subtotal: $3.50-$5.00 mega deal I was negative 1.88 once tax was added back in. So I had to grab 4 candy bars at the checkout that were .99cents each BOGOF so it was 1.98 taken off my negative 1.88
Total oop on a gift card 17cents including tax for my candybars! The guy checking me out was like now thats my kind of shopping! You did wonderful!!! :D

3rd Stop Walmart:
5 Johnson buddy bars .97cents each used 1.00/1 q =Free with 3cents overage on each
4 bags of Ludens cough drops 1.22each used 1.00/1 q = .88cents minus .15cents overage on buddy bars= .73cents
1 2Liter Coke 1.25
my total should have been 1.98 but the cashier scanned one of my 1.00qs one to many times and I tried to tell her but she insisted that it was right so I said ok. Anyhow total oop .98cents!

Total for today:
1.16+.17+.98= 2.31-.17cents on a gc , so total oop was $2.14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way too exciting! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

*Note: I tried to add a picture of all I got today but blogger is not loading it up right now will have to add it later!

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  1. Hey,

    you did GREAT!!!!! Makes me want to go shop, ur brother is going to love that lol. You are right about blog spot running slow today.