Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quick Trip to Wags

I also made a quick trip to wags b/c I found a wags in Cypress that when I was there last week the lady told me she had about 50 bottles of the oil of olay body wash in the back , so I asked her to hold me 10 of them so I could get some more coupons, not knowing that p&g was putting one out this past Sunday. So, I ran in there real quick,
Heres what I did:
3 Fusion Razors on sale 8.99-4.00q=5.40that includes tax got $6.00 RR used gift card so nothing oop
10 bottles of oil of olay body wash 2.03includes tax used gift card so nothing oop
Then they had some Christmas hand towels on clearance for 10cents each, picked up 7 of those (cute designs too) and then when I was in there about a week ago they had a Fisher Price Little Mommy babydoll and stroller set reg. 29.99 on clearance for 6.49 I picked up one last week for my niece for Christmas this year. So this morning I just happened to go down the toy aisle and they had 2 baby doll sets left and were clearanced down to 4.19 picked up one more and got some candy for my boys used 1 of my $6.00RR so nothing oop!

3 Fusion Razors
10 Oil of Olay body wash
7 Christmas hand towels
1 Fisher Price babydoll stroller set
2 pkgs M&M's

Nothing OOP have 7.xx left on my gift card and 12.00RR left! :D

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