Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It PAYS to Listen! :D

I am a pretty big country music fan and listen to it while in the car. Well, one of our local radio stations are doing giveaways.... so I always try to win of course, I have done pretty good in the past around Christmas I won 2 tickets to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra floor seats, and then I have won several movie tickets and gift cards before. Well, this time was great I won 2 tickets to Fiesta Texas and a $200 Kroger gas voucher or gift card whichever it may be, I havent went and picked them up yet going to do that tomorrow! :D I am so excited!!!!!! My hubby and I are going to get to go on a mini vacation which we never been on a vacation before. We are going to try and go sometime in July before I get any more prego, plus the children 2 and under are Free! Just hope my pregnancy problems get better before we go!


  1. Hi, Phillena! I haven't seen you on my dashboard lately, so thought I would pop over and say hi and I hope all is well with you.

  2. Way to Go! I wish I was as good a listener as I was talker..heh..heh Congratulations!