Wednesday, June 10, 2009

NEW Question of the Day

I would like to start something new and tho I may not get to do it everyday I am going to try! :D It is going to be a Question of the Day and I want to see what kind of great ideas other people may have about things! So here we go, Todays Question is: Do you eat cucumbers and if you do do you eat them raw?? How do you fix or cook them (besides making pickles)?? ( I know that was 2 questions) lol! Would love to hear great feedback from everyone! :D


  1. I only eat them raw with dressing or as a pickle lol, not much help, I know

  2. I eat them sliced in salads or sliced and drenched in salt and vinegar.YUMMMM.Yummm. We are all sour bugs here so if you don't care for salt and vinegar stuff, it may not be for you.:D

  3. I love mine in vinegar with sugar, havent tried salt yet, hmm... sounds good and worth a try!