Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kroger Trip This Week

I think I have figured out that Kroger is my Favorite store to shop just because you can get so much for lil or nothing!! :D Thanks to my loving and most wonderfulest mom, she found some peelies at her Albertson's for .35cents off of Kraft BBQ sauce. So she sent me 9 of em to use and since Kroger triples them ... you got it Free BBQ sauce! YIPPEE! Then rummaged thru the baby aisle found some more $2.00/1 Comforts diapers or baby wipes and used them on their baby wipes they have on sale for 2/$4 so FREE baby wipes, got 8 of those still have to get 6 more when I go back Monday! :D :D :D Then of course I bought some angel soft coupons off ebay so I could take advantage of free toilet paper, have 9 packages and still have 11 to get! Went to get some Quaker Quakes, man those things are good, got 4 of those. Then it was off to the bananas that are on sale 3lbs for $1.00 My littlest is my lil monkey and absolutely LOVES bananas so I picked up a bunch of bananas.
Here is the lo down..

9 Kraft BBQ sauce= Free!
8 Comforts baby wipe tubs= Free!
9 Angel Soft TP 4pks= Free!
4 Quaker Quakes= Free!
a bunch of bananas =$1.17

Total oop: $1.17 ! Lovin It
Going back to Krogers Monday b/c I am waiting on some coupons I ordered.

For some reason blogger is being retarted and wont let me post pictures right now, gotta figure out what is going on there... Sorry.

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